The quality of your residential yard care, drastically affects the look and feel of your lawn and your landscape, for you and your neighbors. JLP Landscaping Services appreciates beauty, and tracks the progress of your yard maintenance through weekly "need" assessments of your lawn.


We mow lawns weekly and biweekly


Full Maintenance:

Includes Weekly Mowing, weeding flower beds and tree rings, shrub trimming, and 2 lawn application.


Fall and Spring Clean Ups:

Leaf removal from flower beds and lawn, perennial cutting


Mulch Installation:

Mulching conserves soil moisture allowing you to water less often. Reduces weeds, provides winter protection and of course makes your property look beautiful.


Core Aeration:

Core Aeration creates thousands of air pockets in your lawn that improve oxygen and nutrient intake to the roots creating a healthier lawn.


Lawn Detaching:

Removal of dead grass roots and stems that builds up on turf that reduces the effectiveness of fertilizers, watering and oxygen intake.


Turf Care:

Fertelizer and weed control program, grub control and fungicide application 


Sodding and Seeding:

We install sod and seed lawns and apply starter fertelizer to help grass grow quicker and thicker.



We install trees, shrubs and plants


Power Washing:

We power wash driveways and decks

More services available, call today for a free estimate and needs analysis. (847) 814 - 9708